Content is King! Relevant, Authoritative, and Generous – How is your Kingdom doing?

If your website isn’t performing (getting you new customers) there are 3 key areas responsible:

  1. Your tech, is your site indexable? (Indexable = can google, or other search engines get to it)
    • What the Problem looks like: If it isn’t, then no one knows you exist out there. Unless you are sending someone directly to your website, the chances of anyone discovering you are slim to nothing.
    • The benefit of resolving that problem: A technical Audit can quickly tell you what is indexable and what is not in your site with directions of how to fix all existing problems found. Now, you can make your content indexable so that it will show up in search engines and give you a fighting chance.
  2. Your content, is it optimized well? (Would google or Bing suggest it to your searchers)
    • What the Problem looks like: If not, you are not showing up in search results, so you may as well not exist. Your content will be 100 or more pages deep in search results, and searchers without a direct link to your content would have to scroll through hundreds of pages of results to find your content, which just does not happen.
    • The benefit of resolving that problem: Optimizing your content by integrating the best relevant semantic key phrases into your content is essential in elevating yourself above the clutter of the internet. Now you can be found! The more optimization you add to your content, including link building, the more views your content is sure to get!
  3. Your content again, is it Relevant, Authoritative and Generous – does it meet your searcher’s needs? (when search engines show it, is it recognized as helpful?)
    • What the Problem looks like: If your content is optimized and showing up for searchers, however, it isn’t visibly helpful to those who discover it, the average searcher will leave within seconds. This signals to search engines that your content, although it suggests this is the audience it is for, could not engage the searchers who the search engine presented it to. If you don’t have engagement with your content showing that its helpful to the searchers you have optimized it for – then you may as well not exist, search engines will not serve your content on the all-important first page to those searchers assuming they have been misled by your optimization efforts.
    • The benefit of resolving that problem: When search engines show your content to searchers, and they become engaged by reading, clicking on something, or filling in a form, search engines can confidently reward your content for being engaging with more search requested views – the more engaged views you gain, the more likely you are to convert viewers to customers! Engaged viewers are 80% more likely to trust you, which means more customers, and it also means better customers. Providing engaging content gets you more of the right customers, and it makes the search engine happy also.

It is pretty straightforward, You are here – Your content is not performing, and you want someone with experience, who understands your problems, to get it fixed!

That is what my team and I do here at Digital Advice Coach – Ask yourself these questions that seem to make the most impact when answered by clients I have worked with over the last 20 years that are all now making money online. If you answer yes to any of them, fill in the form to the right, and let’s get your online business moving forward!

  • Do your customers recognize you can help them instantly?
  • Do your customers understand your voice; are you clear and consistent?
  • Do you have a call to action they want to act on easily?
  • Do you have an automated nurturing process for leads?
  • Do your customers get what they need from your site or app?
  • Is your content capable of making you money?