Design as Digital Strategy- What is your brand voice telling people?

When you are examining Design as an aspect of your Digital Strategy - Do you know what your brand voice is telling your potential consumers? Do your customers recognize your brand voice instantly?   If I were to read an article, a review, a comment or watch a video online would I be able to

Content Curation Personalized as part of your Digital Strategy – a simple How-To

Content Curation - Can make your content sing, fly and do somersaults daily! but you need affordable tools and tools that allow you the time to execute well. For 20 years those of us who have been in the field have known that content is King - or Queen in my case :). Content Curation

Making money only takes strategy | where do you aim, ready fire?

Learning to ask and form the questions that get you to the answers you need, is %60 of the battle in determining the path to successfully making money online - the strategy you need. Grab my free ebook below and see if it doesn't move you light years ahead towards that goal!