ABOUT Donna Rougeau – Digital Advice Coach and Inbound Marketer

“Never request from someone else, what you are not willing to offer yourself.” ~ Donna Rougeau

Wise words that I have carried with me throughout my career – they have both kept me humble to some degree and ensured that I have kept my Skills and Abilities at all levels of engagement across any digital marketing team current.

My entry into digital marketing began when as a programmer, I was called on to figure out how to sell custom software I was involved in developing in the early 90’s. Since that time, I have tested literally hundreds of internet based marketing tools, tactics and systems. Sometimes independently out of requirement or interest, and sometimes with teams or in masterminds.

That experience led to a career creating digital strategies and execution systems for over 200 clients since 2003 across Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, UK, USA or here in Canada. I even lived for a time in Mumbai India establishing digital marketing outsource business units to service agency clients for North American digital agencies.

For the later, I was required to facilitate many roles from establishing foreign business facilities in India to negotiating leases for real estate and equipment. This role encompassed full accountability in that foreign office for all aspects Operations Management, HR Responsibilities including Recruitment, Training both technically and strategically, IT management and sales focused Client Relationship Management all with PnL responsibilities in an agency environment. This also required providing client strategies, proposals and sales support.

It indeed was several years filled with 18-20 hour days, although extremely challenging this was also an incredible opportunity and learning experience towards my goals of being a well-rounded and successful Digital Business Strategist who could function successfully in any environment – for any client.