ABOUT Donna Rougeau – Digital Advice Coach and Inbound Marketer

“Never request from someone else, what you are not willing to offer yourself.” ~ Donna Rougeau

What is a Digital Advice Coach and Why do you want one:

Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving beast. For many business owners, it’s another ‘thing’ they need to get their heads around when they are setting up or wanting to expand their potential customer reach.

Unfortunately, it is also typically down the list of priorities, despite being high on the list of requirements. It can also appear quite overwhelming, particularly if you come from a non-marketing background or have little experience with technology.

So how can you get help and direction to ensure you don’t waste money on all the wrong things, especially if you are on a limited budget? You get a digital coach. Hopefully, you choose a digital coach that has experience and resources you can draw on to ease both the learning curve and the cost to implement.

A digital coach is someone that can provide direction, help you map out what you need to get you from point A to point B and generally support you in the process of getting stuff done.

As Digital Advice Coaches, we will work with your business one on one to provide mentoring and resources (writers, developers, and advice) in person, over the phone, or via online portals like Skype.

Our role is to partner with you and your business in a collaborative and cooperative way where the focus is on empowering you to make informed choices so that you can manage, influence and/or control your own digital marketing within 3 to 6 months of starting your service with us.

We are your digital advice coaches, and we are also Mother and Son. We are a small, tight-knit entrepreneurial family that gets the value of family businesses and of the impact that digital marketing makes on your small business.

Along with our global team, which is comprised of other small families offering digital services that we have worked with over the years, we are the primary points of contact for a robust global team of affordable experts in all areas of digital marketing including graphic design, website development, SEO or SEM execution and lead generation.

Donna Rougeau – Digital Advice Coach

Donna entered into digital marketing when, as a programmer, she was called on to figure out how to sell custom software she was involved in developing in the early ’90s. Since that time, she has used and tested hundreds of internet-based marketing tools, tactics and systems, both technical and tactical, literally. Sometimes independently out of requirement or interest, and sometimes with teams or as part of a group of internet marketing masterminds.

Donna’s experience led to a career creating digital strategies and execution systems for over 200 clients across the Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, UK, USA, or here in Canada. From 2012 to 2016, Donna lived in Mumbai, Maharashtra India, establishing digital marketing outsource business units to service agency clients for North American digital agencies.

Donna’s work over the last 20+ years gives her the ability to bring extensive knowledge and a global pool of resources and support systems for her clients to access, this saves our customers time, money and stress while getting the results they require.

Lee Rougeau – Certified Advanced Copy Writer (AWAI)

Lee was the recipient of a provincial recognition for exceptional talent in literature comprehension and production in BC in 2008. Lee is passionate about writing, creating clear content for specific persona’s and split testing content to ensure it is producing the result desired by both the reader and the organization delivering it.

Having worked on contracts for both agency and small businesses editing and producing eCommerce, social media, lead generation, and website content for 10 years, Lee decided to formalize his passion for writing and in 2019, completed the certification for AWAI as an advanced copywriting expert.