Understanding Pricing for Paid Advertising (PPC)

Understanding Paid Advertising Paid Advertising Costs and The Searchers Intent in their query to a search engine. Paid advertising is like an auction. I'm sure not many of you realize that or have thought of it this way. When you are advertising you are in fact bidding against other advertisers for an action to occur

Digital Marketing – A Blab with Brian!

In April of 2016, I did a podcast with Brian Basilica - we were both digital marketing folks and experimenting with a platform called Blab that was new to the digital marketing realm and having some fun as Beta users. The platform didn't end up being around for too long but we had some fun

Master Organic Inbound Marketing & Reduce PPC Costs in 5 Steps!

Master Organic Inbound Marketing & Reduce Pay Per Click Costs | A Content Marketing How-to-Guide that delivers results and saves you money! A How-to-Guide that delivers results and saves you money! Click Image to Download a Copy! Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics and away from the most current

Content Curation Personalized as part of your Digital Strategy – a simple How-To

Content Curation - Can make your content sing, fly and do somersaults daily! but you need affordable tools and tools that allow you the time to execute well. For 20 years those of us who have been in the field have known that content is King - or Queen in my case :). Content Curation