Content Curation – Can make your content sing, fly and do somersaults daily! but you need affordable tools and tools that allow you the time to execute well.

IS Content Curation For YOU - Donna Rougeau

For 20 years those of us who have been in the field have known that content is King – or Queen in my case :). Content Curation in a way ties your digital strategy together and also gives it wings. Done right – this REALLY helps, learn to curate contextually for real benefits.

Between the babbling brook of busyness, mind-bending minutia, CYA bureaucracy and all the things that seem like FIRE FIRE. When does anyone have time to sit and write a solid piece of content or 50 daily or even weekly? A great question isn’t it! Well, I think I have at least one answer that you can adopt if you like.

The tools that can enable you to do this – and I am using them right now (still testing but they are working so far) are as follows:

Of Course – Along with Content Curation you need great keywords. WordTracker ( is my go-to for my keyword research, it is still the best tool out there and I have been using it for over 10 years now.

And for over 10 years I have been a very happy client of Blue Host for my cloud hosting solutions also – the price is right, the service and support are fantastic to work with and I have never had any server issues at all.

To really master Content Curation – I use Curation Suite ( – $197 then $97 a year thereafter. I love it! This includes a listening engine that is quite powerful and total editing capability. You can contextualize and repurpose good content into NEW content and push it out to your landing pages, social media or blogs. $400 will give you a consultant that will set the whole thing up customized for you and teach you how to use it for your market/audience. <- Can’t beat that! Ask for Scott he is the BEST!

Hootsuite ( $20 ish per month, plugs into Curation Suite and you can do the same as above for all your social content needs. You can even curate on the fly as you go along using their booklet tool.

For marketing automation – Mautic ( is an open source option but you will need a little tech help to set it up – other options include Hatchbuck ( now your email marketing and your tracking of user/visitor behaviors and campaigns to reach and serve them are taken care of – you have a system.

The one thing you can’t automate – thinking, thought process … The tools will do the heavy management but you need to think your way through how you present your content.

Find an article you feel is high value. Contextualize the segments of that by sharing your thoughts. This can be agreements or disagreements with the content, some expertise you may have or questions you may have. Voila – you have added your unique value to a piece of high-quality content and made it of higher value. It’s now unique and ready to go out to your public and serve you.

One Person – with the right tools – can produce content exponentially and without giving up quality – give it a shot!