Everyone has to make decisions – getting and looking at solid data can make that process so much easier and it’s worth it if you want to Pull an audience in online instead of PUSH yourself out to one that may not even be able to find you.

These days pretty much everyone has heard of determining your niche, who your perfect customer is, and what you think sets you apart from others – that’s great! BUT that’s “PUSH” selling when you bring it all online that way and that is why so many are struggling to succeed and think that it is so hard to do!

Unless you have an endless Paid Advertising budget and an Offline Marketing Consultant that hasn’t been out of their office in 10 years STOP doing this craziness!

Do you have a viable working digital business strategy?

Did you put up a website and then hope that people who want exactly what you are offering would come to it and start consuming your products or services – that would be MAGIC! In 20+ years I have yet to see that happen even one single time for anyone.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail…” We have all heard this by now, the place to start your strategy is outside your head and in some digital data research tools that can give you factual data insights about your particular searching audience.

Back in the day we used to call this good old fashioned “Key Phrase Research” – and the longer tail the better! Get them – Group Them – Understand then Use their numbers as direction for strategy.

It’s still true today, however there are tons of tools out there that trick people into a false sense of accuracy so it’s no wonder people are still struggling even when they “think” they used the right tools – read the right directions and acted accordingly.

Analytics have come a long way and are better today – two other tools I still highly recommend are:

WordTracker: http://www.wordtracker.com/

Keyword Discovery by Trellian: http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/

Once you know who your audience is – how they are searching – the competitive information that relates to it, you can start to put your strategy together and you should be able to tell your ROI that is there to capture also.

Do you have sales funnels and automation?

Have you mapped out the flow from the first connection with a potential customer to the first purchase of your product or service? Chances are you are like %98 of my clients on 5 continents that have not – don’t feel bad about, use this as a call to action to do it now!

Do you have a nurture process for leads?

Unless you are a seasoned extraordinary professional sales person, which most of us are not – you struggle with follow up and maintaining follow up – that is why lead nurturing is so extremely valuable especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners!