When you are examining Design as an aspect of your Digital Strategy – Do you know what your brand voice is telling your potential consumers?

What is your Brand Voice telling people?

Do your customers recognize your brand voice instantly?


If I were to read an article, a review, a comment or watch a video online would I be able to tell instantly that it was yours?

Do you have a brand flavour that your consumer wants to gobble up? When you do, you grow, you become more recognizable and demand for your flavour expands. That, in a nutshell, is what businesses require to continue to exist and flourish.

Brand has so much to do with recognition and it impacts everything you touch as an entrepreneur or a small business owner – Branding is NOT just for big companies. Small Businesses more than Enterprises need to have a message that speaks to their consumers. Their message needs to let them know what you do, why you do it, and most importantly what’s in it for them to have YOU be their provider of service or product.

Seth Godin is a perfect example of this, as is Tim Ferris. Neither of them is a large company, both are entrepreneurs, and yet their names are considered a brand. You recognize their name and their work regardless of where you see it or the form it takes.

How do they achieve that recognition? Consistent content marketing and content quality.

Their content whether it is video, audio (podcasts), books or articles online or offline has a consistent essence and message that speaks directly to their consumer’s mind and hearts – it meets their consumer’s needs.

The messaging in that content says:

  • The small guy can do big things, the big guys can’t do as much as the small guy can BUT they need to and should figure out how to. The small guy is ahead in this messaging.
  • Small business is far more versatile and has far greater mobility than the big guy (enterprise), therefore a small business or solo entrepreneur CAN compete and excel.

The messaging states that small businesses are at a clear advantage. This is in opposition to what most small business owners or entrepreneurs perceive or believe. This inspires hope, which is turned to confidence over time due to the consistency of this messaging to these audiences. They have in fact become the perceived authorities on the subject as time and consistency have continued.

Your brand needs flavour that your audience is hungry for and a consistent supply of flavour to feed that hunger. This is the single most important aspect of design and is often overlooked for flashy logos and pretty pictures or the “perfect” font.

Good design starts with the right message. What makes you feel good will make “your” audience feel good – when everyone “feels” good you experience confidence. When you are providing the content that inspires the good feelings and the confidence you are now in a relationship with the consumers of that content.

Lead generation results are solidly based on inspiring good feelings that plant the seeds of confidence which results in direct communication that holds the possibility of a relationship.

Relationships are where business execution begins – the essential first steps of success are seeded before that first direct communication. This relationship engagement is achieved in and by design.

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