Most Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners think of website development or the use of web based technology as a subject that is / is going to be:

  1. Too Confusing or
  2. Too Frustrating

Unfortunately, this is still an unregulated service industry so it doesn’t require any standard of excellence or experience to put up a site or hang a shingle and say you are an expert in these areas.

This has caused many an adopter of doing business online to face unnecessary frustration as an industry comes to terms with having providers who have proven to be a: game to take your money and leave you unsatisfied or b: to have providers that simply don’t know, what they don’t know, which might be even more frustrating.

Do you get what you want from your developers?

I have spent years working with a variety of developers finding the best in different countries, my advice is to look for a provider that has a portfolio of active client sites you can explore, and testimonials from clients who have expressed happiness in dealing with them to get their web product made.

My website for example is by www.syndicatedigital.com who has been my core provider for over 15 years and I’m always satisfied with my end product.

In my experience – %50- if not more of the cost associated with developing a website comes from the need to cover the consulting and time costs incurred with most clients – learning how to be prepared for your developer when you find the one you want can give you power when it comes to negotiating a great price and to meeting deadlines effectively!

Do your customers get what they need from your site or app?

Broken links – Unexpected 404 pages – Email addresses that bounce are just a few of the things that you never want to see on your website.

Mobile Apps that eat up your space and memory yet deliver little value beyond what your website offers are another challenge people face when wanting to utilize today’s technology for added value to their clients or potential customers.

It pays to be able to add knowledge and experience to your side of both the planning and the negotiations when your selecting a developer – we are here to do just that and stand in the gap for you!