In April of 2016, I did a podcast with Brian Basilica – we were both digital marketing folks and experimenting with a platform called Blab that was new to the digital marketing realm and having some fun as Beta users. The platform didn’t end up being around for too long but we had some fun with it.

That was the first time that someone had interviewed me on a podcast, and it is a shame that technology didn’t catch on because it was so easy to use. Maybe another version will come out soon and we will see more people like Brian making some more terrific podcasts.

I came across this podcast copy early this morning and while I was listening back to it realized that its totally relevant today too! Have a listen and share your thoughts.

Over the last year, we have re-ignited that team in India and in the new year I will make a return visit to see the team members that have come aboard again to work with me from there.

Being in digital marketing all these years has shown me how very small this globe we are on truly is, and how close technology has brought us to one another as it removes geographical boundaries that once made things like this podcast and my work in India unimaginable.

Whether its skype, google hangouts, zoom meetings or goto-meetings, we are all connected or able to connect at the click of a button and can leverage a world of experience towards new adventures and new goals in life and in digital marketing.