How to pick an online business.

The question that I have been asked the most over the last 20 years as a coach is how to find an online business that can actually make money.

Oddly enough, despite technology changing daily, my answer to this question is exactly the same today and it was 20 years ago, and it’s still true!

The first step toward starting an online business from scratch is to be finding a group of potential consumers who are not satisfied with what they can currently find online that you could sell to.

This has been referred to as finding a “niche” – it’s an easy thing to do once you know how to, so of course, I’m going to show you how.

If you already have a business or a business idea, this same process can be used to find and validate your potential customers online and what they are experiencing. Once you have that information I will show you how to get your business in front of them.

Find an online business without having a business idea yet? You bet!

You don’t need to, here is where you find an online business – using WordTracker. WordTracker is an online tool that has been around a long time and in the last few years, it has continued to grow in value as a go-to tool to find, validate and record hungry yet unsatisfied groups of online searchers – or – Niches.

If you don’t have an account you can sign up at WordTracker just click that link it will give you a 25% discount to get you started.

First I will show you a small but clearly distinctive group/niche where it is easy to see what these searchers want and that they are clearly not finding what they are searching for:

We start with a seed like this one, enter it into the search box and see what results WordTracker Returns for you:

Example 1. “Crate Train a Puppy”

Below you can see an example of hungry market/niche (14,246 people searching for a solution to their problem finding 14.2 possible solutions – indicating nearly 100% capturable market share open to capture organically, offers good odds you can compete for their attention)

Niche Market - WordTracker

A Niche Market in WordTracker

Now if you can create – or – you have a product this niche wants – you have clear data to tell you that your niche exists online, in numbers enough to pursue, with enough unsatisfied desire that there is good potential for success.

This, of course, isn’t the only thing you need to know or do to succeed – it is, however, the place where everyone should start. This is how you find an online business that pays!

If you find yourself stuck or unclear about what to do next, don’t worry – I will be doing ongoing posts to guide you through this process further. If you want personal coaching or training for yourself or your business, you can contact me directly: