Content is Everything

Content Marketing in our digital world is king, queen, and jester alike! Good content improves your chances of being seen in search engines, it also is your single strongest point of attraction to draw the audience you want to have into your online presence.

Content Curation tools make it possible to minimize research time on a subject by bringing it all together at the press of a button for you, Content Curation Suite gives you all the automated tools to tweak, personalize and publish fresh new content based on current events it curates for you, this is key to content marketing regardless if you are a solopreneur or an enterprise.

So what exactly is Content Curation?

When you read through your news feed on Facebook or in Instagram, you are seeing a curated list of content pieces published by the people you follow. Curation simply means they have gathered together in a designated place for you to review, they selected the content to present to you based on who you chose to follow or subject matter that you have said you have an interest in.

Curation Suite is a fantastic tool that makes it easy for any sized business to curate, personalize and publish unique and original content by leveraging access to the hottest content getting buzz in your area of interes within the last 30 days.

I have recommended Curation Suite for a number of my clients over the years and I use it myself for research on topics to make sure I have the most current information on the subjects that I research. I have used some of that research to generate ebooks or useful guides for clients and for training my teams. Have a look at this video and take it for a test drive, see if it fits the bill for you.

We all have opinions and options. As we become the leaders we are meant to be we like to share them and they become more valuable as well. I only recommend tools I test, use, and get results from having, so I hope that makes you feel comfortable to test it out and let me know what you think of it too!

A great way to use this tool for blogging or social media is to let Curation Suite grab you a piece of content and then you can add your personalized commentary to that piece to build additional value for the material present and for the reader.

There has never been an easier way for someone with experience and knowledge that isn’t perhaps a terrific writer to get their message out to their audience than this – getting it into your tool belt, is sure to prove useful!

Whether your goal is to put truth into a piece, add additional value through resource sharing, or to simply praise and expand something you loved – this tool will help you deliver a message that is yours, that your readers will love.