I have found Donna Rougeau to be hugely energetic, and highly focused professional in online marketing. Donna has the knack for finding cutting edge technology for better product visibility across all Internet platforms. Donna has not only focused on the goals at hand, she has always also been dedicated towards the team 24×7. Spending over 16 hours per day to build a team, create processes and systems, deliver the goals, set up HR and facilitate the overall growth and development of the team which is something I have never seen anywhere else.

Starting from a small team of 20 to over a 100 without any management support in a foreign country having a limited budget made a daunting task that Donna was able to carry out seamlessly. Donna is number oriented, identifies strengths and weakness of a project, a team and its individuals based on facts and figures. Donna has also played a crucial role in cultivating a culture of testing that did not exist. I witnessed Donna managing a global team in Asia, Europe and North America and successfully overcome cultural and regional obstacles while remaining upbeat with a positive personality to be and work with.